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Ein Klassiker aus fließender Viskose, der durch Material, Farbe und Länge besticht. Wer es easy und unkompliziert mag wird ihn lieben!

Das Label schreibt über sich selbst: We've been creating ethical fair trade clothing for over 30 years. Duncan and Vicky met in Pushkar, Rajasthan in 1989, where they both fell in love with the wonderfully vibrant culture of India. After exploring the country together, they decided to combine the last of their travelling money to invest in a selection of fair trade handicrafts from Nepal. They brought these purchases back to the UK and sold them at the first ever Nomads market stall in Camden, London. We have been committed to ethical trade since 1989. Wherever we do business, either in the UK or overseas, we are committed to doing our best to deliver a high standard of ethical conduct. For us, it's not enough to simply comply with legal requirements; we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our relationships, and we work closely with everyone involved in the Nomads journey. We require complete transparency in our production process, and our suppliers hold certificates for social and ethical audits as well as an AEPC common code of conduct. All except the very smallest factories also have SEDEX certification. We visit our suppliers in India regularly throughout the year to ensure our standards are being met - we personally know where our products are made and have a good relationship with each factory, one of which we have been working with for 25 years. We also have a permanent Nomads employee who is resident in India - Manoj works closely with us and each of our fair trade suppliers and is an extremely valuable member of the Nomads team.

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